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CacaoFit™ Chocolate Superfood Mix

CacaoFit™ is a modern take on

the Aztecs’ “Elixir of the Gods”, bringing you the highest-quality cacao, adaptogens, and superfood spices designed to:

  • Help manage your appetite with its delicious chocolatey taste and satiating healthy fats

  • Promote blissful, happy moods by helping the brain release Serotonin, our “happy chemical”

  • Give you a zero-sugaralternative to unhealthy sweet treats

  • Provide an easy, satisfying way to get Superfoods in your diet for better overall health


    Our one-of-a-kind 

    natural CacaoFit™ formula uses organic ingredients and is free of gluten, soy, dairy, and any unnecessary fillers or additives. It’s made with:

    • Organic MCT and Organic Coconut Milk to help you feel fuller and also add to that rich chocolate flavor when mixed with cacao.

    • Organic Turmeric and Organic Cinnamon to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote anti-inflammatory effects, and encourage healthy digestion.

    • Lion’s Mane to help provide mental clarity and focus